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We are equipped with the state of the art machinery to deliver the best striping service and supply in houston Tx, at a market competitive price.


A clear demarcation line is essential in parking lots, on the roads and in public places to avoid traffic jams and ease the flow of traffic. We offer striping service for new surfaces and redo the old strips to give them a fresh look. We use high-quality paints that last long and can withhold extreme weather conditions.


With time if the roads, sidewalks or pavements do not get thoroughly cleaned then they become the breeding ground for debris, filth and bacteria. It is tough to get rid of them with normal water spray, hence our pressure washing service is efficient in keeping the surface area clean and gleaming.


We provide a protective seal to the asphalt pavements from creaks, cracks and potholes for a smooth surface. It makes the surface weather-resistant and delays maintenance for up to three years. If the pavement is not new then we suggest an annual seal coating that will save your huge bucks which otherwise could have gone to the construction of new pavement.


We repair concrete/asphalt pavements from UV rays, strong chemicals and oily substance. Our team of skilled professionals are well equipped and trained to give a makeover to your area in no time. We ensure that we cause less hassle to your neighbourhood during the repair work and safely reroute them.

Why Work with Us?

With years of experience, One of the best pressure washing company and the Striping and supply industry in Houston, we have transformed many houses, buildings, and pavements into worthy places. We have restored numerous properties from getting eroded.

Our expert gives genuine striping consultancy to the clients and ensures that they are 100% satisfied with our striping service. Commitment and hard work is the hallmark of PSW.


We are equipped with the state of the art machinery to deliver the best striping service in Houston, at a market competitive price



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Eco Friendly

All our products, Includes Striping, Pressure washing, seal coating services are environmentally friendly. We work with our clients in making their spaces a better place to live by enhancing the exterior beauty and adding life to their high investment properties. Feel free to talk to striping customer service about our product or striping services and how we can be helpful to you.

We are fully licensed to use heavy machinery and you will not have to worry about a single thing.

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