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A deck or patio is the heart and soul of the house, especially if it has a beautiful view. People spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right building material so that the surface doesn’t erode and requires less maintenance. It is an ideal place for holding family gatherings, playdates and BBQs.


Experts suggest that you should power washed your deck at least once a year from the professionals. Hence if the need arises, you can call an early shot too.

The weather of a region is the deciding factor to determine the frequency of power washes; torrential rain, humidity and hot climate strips off the paint and causes a lot of wear and tear to the surface.


Here are the top three reasons why your deck needs to be power washed:


  1. Increases the curb appeal

Power washed increases the curb appeal of the house. Regular maintenance increases the value of the property and prevents the house from major repairs.


  1. It is subject to grime, dirt, mold and algae

The deck is the prime area, used by every member of the family for various reasons. Kids used this place for all their outdoor fun and activities that get messy at times. Adults use the space for relaxing and outdoor brunches. Spillage, foot traffic and leftover food particles become a breeding ground for mold, algae and causes dirt and grime to pile up.


  1. Sealing and stripping requires cleaned surface

Sealing adds the protective coat to the deck surface and adds years to its life. It is the cardinal rule of sealing that the surface should be cleaned thoroughly. Once the surface is pressure washed, sealing and striping can be carried out.

Don’t procrastinate! Schedule a visit from PSW. Our experts will examine your deck and will suggest the most suitable plan of action for you.

Parking lot paints services

Benefits of Parking Lot Striping and Sealcoating:

Parking Lot Striping

Running a successful business means you have to prioritize customer service on every level, even when it comes to parking, it’s very important to know about the parking lot striping. A neglected parking lot can cause your customers serious issues. Your employees and customers deserve to be safe every time they drive through your Parking Lot Striping.

Sealcoating in the parking lot is the process in which a thin film of coal tar or asphalt-based material is applied to pavement in order to protect the surface from the elements. An evenly applied coat is the key to preserving the life of your asphalt surfaces, and the patches (for small or major cracks) are sealed off. This does not provide any structural protection, as its purpose is, in addition to adding the final cosmetic touch, to prevent water from seeping into cracks and further damaging the parking lot structural integrity of the pavement. It also seals off the foundation laid inside the cracks previously and acts as a barrier between the foundation of the asphalt beneath and the objects that come in constant contact with the surface atop.

Sealcoating not only transforms the aesthetics of your parking lot but also protects your investment. Studies show that periodic sealcoating can increase asphalt lifetime, as compared to a do-nothing approach. In combination with superior application techniques, Parking Lot Armor uses the toughest industrial-grade asphalt sealer in the world.

A SOPHISTICATED Parking Lot Striping:

When you invest within the visual charm of your parking lot it, it matters. Doing, therefore, can gift a classy impression and prove that you just build the foremost of your investments. If you would like to square out previous your native competitors, you may take parking zone maintenance seriously. Nobody likes the thought of driving through a parking lot with plenty of pot-holes or dips that may harm a vehicle.

IMPROVED SAFETY By Parking Lot Striping:

Once a parking lot is neglected over an extended amount of your time, the asphalt deteriorates and creates large holes and cracks. Additionally, pot-holes will injure pedestrians United Nations agency fall or slip into them. Likewise, visibility is also a priority in several parking tons throughout the country. If your parking zone is ever used at night, ensure the lighting is updated and effective. Replace any bulbs you would like to on an everyday basis and invest in junction rectifier lightbulbs, which give parking lot additional visibility.


As an accountable business owner, your prime priority is your company’s bottom line. This could conjointly apply once it comes­­ to your business parking lot. You need to contemplate it as a major issue concerning your underlying investment within the property. Keeping the pavement repaired for parking lot, for example, can assist you to sell the property if you, therefore, opt for it in a while.



As time goes on, the originally painted parking lot stripes in an exceedingly parking zone can begin to fade. The nice news for you, though, is that it provides a chance to reorganize your parking lot. Once it is time to speculate in restriping your parking zone, take the time to believe the arrangement of areas. Is there some way you’ll optimize the accessible space to permit additional houses? Is it potential to direct traffic coming into and deed the parking lot in an exceedingly additional economical way?


It’s sensible to apply to stay up with parking lot maintenance each year. Implementing an associate degree annual audit of your business ‘sparking lot will forestall additional serious headaches in the long haul. Plus, doing, therefore, can facilitate you to maintain that refined curb charm that is therefore valuable. That way, the value of repairs will not add up and cause any headaches in the future.\Don’t underestimate the worth of constructing the most of your investment in maintenance comes, by the way. That is why you must rent the most qualified professionals to handle your parking lot maintenance on your behalf. Schedule free quotes for skilled parking lot maintenance services online these days.


What happened to your beautiful parking lot or driveway oxidation from the Sun and water erosion are deteriorating contact some are up having to get the seal coating job done right other paving companies may skip these important stuffs check the reputation of the bids you get to do a quality job we clean the entire surface then we prepare your oil spots with Charlotte this helps prevent oil from bleeding back to the surface in through your new sealer then fill the cracks with a hot rubber crackles and ensure that water does not damage your sub-base we ban the cracks with Abbie squeegee to ensure proper seal of the hot rubber to your surface our mix of silica sand and latex modifiers provides the extra traction to prevent slip and fall injuries our seal coating systems applies a more even cover protects against oxidation from the Sun and helps with water runoff to prevent erosion striping is done professionally following your specification we keep your parking lot or driveway looking great for years to come contact number set to do it right


Concrete is a widely used construction material in the world due to its high durability and resistance. It provides a solid foundation to buildings, structures, complexes, pavements, driveways and parking lots

Despite its strength, concrete surfaces changes due to natural and human factors. The wear and tear in any structure is a common sight but how one respond to those changes makes a lot of difference. The early the problem is detected and solved, the better it is.

Before you jump to repair any damage you should be clear about:

  • What has caused the crack?
  • Is it a minor or a major crack?
  • Is it disrupting the structure?
  • Is the location of the crack damaging the other structure?

At times, it is easy to answer some not all the questions on our own without taking any professional help. But any sort of negligence can aggravate the problem and may make repair impossible.

Ways to deal with the crack
Once the cause of the crack is known, a suitable plan of action can be taken to repair the crack. Cracks can be repaired for functional and cosmetic reasons.

Epoxy injections
Epoxy injections are a cost-effective solution to repair a crack that is as narrow as 0.013 mm. For the adhesives to be effective the cracks must be completely free from all the debris by pressure washing and must be as dry as bone. Epoxy injections are more suitable for repairing horizontal surfaces

Routing and Sealing
This method is used to repair small and large cracks. With the routing machine, the crack is made bigger and deeper to make more space for the sealant to fully immerse. It strengthens the foundation and increases its lifespan.

The purpose of stitching is to strengthen the aggregate interlock. There are two types of stitching cross-stitching and slot stitching. Both techniques are efficient under different circumstances.

Resurfacing is the last resort, when all other methods and techniques have failed and the cracks have caused structural damage then only resurfacing can be performed.

A pressure washer is a technique that is used for cleaning the exterior of the building, driveway, concrete surface, patio, parking space and other outdoor surfaces. The difference between pressure and normal washing is the force by which the water is sprayed. Pressure washer machines come with different tips for controlling the pressure according to the requirement.

The exterior part of our property is more subject to grime, dirt and filth compare to the interior surfaces. It takes a lot of time and effort to remove the tough stains. Lucky with the proper use ofa pressure washer, the strongest stains fade away and vanishes.

A pressure washer can be managed at home by an individual with a proper guideline for small surface areas like:

  • Windows
  • Sidings
  • Garbage cans
  • Patio
  • Decks
  • Rugs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Kids gym
  • Garage
  • Pool sides

But for commercial and large residential spaces, the services of professionals is necessary. Pressure washing is also an important procedure in repairing cracks. It is also widely used before seal coating the asphalt surfaces.

Have a pressure washer as part of the regular maintenance plan for your driveways, parking spaces, and highways and increase the lifespan.


Businesses, in general, focuses on sales and leaves no stone unturned. They do everything in their power to generate numbers, draw more customers and expand their reach. While focusing on numbers, they do give a lot of weightage to the overall customer experience. For the brick and motor stores, the availability of parking space can be a deal-breaker.

A well-planned parking lot increases the visual appeal of the commercial block, diffuses clients’ worry about secure parking, and makes space for people with special requirements. Striping is essential for setting reserved space for

  • Disabled person
  • Expectant mother
  • Mother with an infant
  • Pickup drivers
  • Employees
  • First responders
  • Heavy vehicles for loading and offloading goods

Parking space also requires a regular maintenance plan to keep the surface and the strips in proper order. Moreover, striping offers these benefits:

  • Improves the flow of traffic
  • Reserved parking slots make it easy for the drivers to locate their space conveniently
  • Entrance and exits markings direct the traffic well
  • It minimizes traffic accidents
  • Adherence to the legal and safety measures
  • It saves the business from incurring heavy fines for not adhering to legal and ADA standard guides

We understand what striping can do to your business. Contact PSW for chalking out a new
striping plan for your parking lot. Also, you can hire us to revamp your space with fresh paints