Increase Lifespan of Pavement, Make It New Again

Seal Coating Service by PSW

Why Seal Coating?

Seal coating is a protection technique on existing asphalt-based driveways from high ultraviolet rays, harmful chemicals, and water penetration. Over time the asphalt-based surface becomes brittle and develops cracks that absorb more water and moisture which results in severe damage. In seal coating services a liquid product is applied on the asphalt surface post-construction to extend its lifestyle and increase its durability.

Ideally, asphalt-based driveways must be seal coated annually to keep the surface and the color intact. Bring back the lost shine of your pavement and contact the professionals. We are available to assess the condition of the damaged surface and provide a foolproof solution to make your exterior spectacular. Act now, if more time is wasted the higher will be the restoration cost.

Seal coating is a quick solution to fix minor damages to the pavements

Benefits of Seal Coating


Seal coating is very cost-effective in maintaining the asphalt surface for a longer time.

Makes Cleaning Easier

It is easy to clean the surface with water pressure without being worried about water penetration.

Gives a new look

The fresh coat of seal gives a brand new look to the old and worn out pavements, adding beauty to the exterior.